Self Managed Super Funds

Complete Guidance For Your SMSF From The Experts

What Is SMSF

SMSF stands for Self Managed Super Fund. It is a way of saving for your retirement. However, there is a basic difference between SMSF and the other super funds available in the market is in SMSF the members are also the trustees. Hence, the members run the fund for their benefits. Their investment is solely based on their financial goals. However, they are also responsible for complying with the superannuation and tax laws. There can be up to 4 members in an SMSF.


How To Set Up Your SMSF

You must set your Self Managed Super Funds as easy as possible so that it can be considered eligible for tax concessions and can receive superannuation contributions. You need to administrate it easily.

Things You Must Know

  • Your SMSF needs to register through the Australian Business Register, once registered your SMSF will be listed on super fund lookup.
  • Member will need to supply their TFN to be able to make contributions.
  • You can appoint your members, individual and corporate trustees for your SMSF.
  • You must have legitimate and correctly executed trust deed which will be signed by all the members of your SMSF.
  • You must have a trustee declaration.

These loans are typically secured by collateral. In most of the cases, the company or the new venture of the same is used as the security.

How To Invest Within Your SMSF

You must know how to manage your fund’s investments in a legal way and in the best interest of the members of your SMSF. It is highly important to make an investment strategy before you start making investments. That strategy will definitely have the goals and objectives of the fund. Your investment strategy must be in written, signed and accepted by all the members.

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*We are not accountants or qualified to set up your SMSF on your behalf. You should consult a professional before making an SMSF to make sure it is right for your financial situation. We are not Licensed Real Estate Agents. We provide an avenue whereby you deal directly with the builders and developers. Any prices for Home & Land Packages on this website are for indicative purposes only.