Personal and Car Loan

Car Loans That Makes You Feel Relaxed

At Loans4Me, we help you to find the best car loans as per your requirements which can make you feel relaxed and happy. Our car and personal loans experts can guide you about calculating your repayments, your potential loan amounts and let you know about the current rate of interest as per your requirements.


A Quick View On Car Loans

  • You can have a loan term between 1 and 7 years.
  • To be eligible you must be employed either full time, permanent part-time, casual or self-employed.
  • Finance is also available for the purchase of Boats, Jet Skies, Motorhomes, Trailers, Motorbikes and Caravans.
  • It must be in driving condition and a registered vehicle.
  • Lo Doc can be an option for self-employed borrowers.
  • Up to 30% residual or balloon can be gained.

Personal Loans


Personal loan can be obtained to solve various financial needs. This is a great way of getting rid of debts too. It can be used for buying household items automobiles, tours, refinancing credit cards, repayments of other loans, paying bills, etc.

A Quick View On Personal Loans

  • You can obtain a personal loan for 1 to 7-year loan term.
  • To be eligible you must be employed either full time, permanent part-time, casual or self-employed .
  • Minimum $4000 and a maximum $80,000* can be obtained as a personal loan.
  • Depending upon the application’s details of the customer, paid defaults under $500 may be considered.
  • The applicant must be 18 or above to be eligible for personal loans.
  • Low Doc Available for Eligible Self Employed Applicants

*Max loan amount is $40k unsecured - any amount above $40k will need to be secured with an eligible asset. For more information please contact us.


If you would like to apply for a car or personal loan you can fill out the client fact finder and privacy authority on the Application Forms page to make the loan process quicker and easier!