First Home Buyer

Nothing Can Be More Exciting Than Buying Your First Home!

You can get us besides you in this process for all types of financial support

Buying your first home is highly exciting; at the same time, it can be a daunting experience for many too. We would love to make it a less hectic experience for you with the help of our expertise. The experts of Loans4Me are ready to offer you guidance, tips and advice to make your every step towards your first home a secure one. Please contact us after choosing the house in Brisbane or Gold Coast area and then we will tell you how to get secured loans for the same.


We can guide you regarding

  • 1. The type of loan you can get for your first home
  • 2. The amount of loan you will be qualified for
  • 3. Your potential interest rates and other vital information

At Loans4Me, we would love to share our expertise with you to make it a simple, fast and safe process. We will help you in finding the best lenders who are ready to help a first home buyer like you.

There are several other things that a first time home buyer should consider before taking the loan and buying the property.

We Do Loans All Over The Nation!


The location of the house:

Eventually, by helping you in getting affordable loans and planning your future financial plans, we help Where you want to live? Is it somewhere near to your office, family or your kid’s school? Or is it somewhere in the centre of the city?

Your budget for the house

How much you are ready to pay for the house? This will determine the type of home you can buy as well as the repayments of your potential mortgage.

What transport do you have near your home:

Do you have your own car? Or is the home can be accessed easily via public transports?

How much can you afford to repay the home loan:

How much money can you pay as your monthly interest? How much money are you ready to repay the loan?


If you are thinking about building your first home and want to have the First Home Buyer's Grant then we can help you in this matter too. We can guide you regarding buying and building home loans. At the same time, we have a wide range of home and land packages to select from in various areas in this country.

A Loans4Me finance specialist can help you apply for the First Home Owner Grant and work with you to make this an easy process and a rewarding one, making your home loan application as stress free as possible, completing all the necessary documentation with you and letting you know the extra costs involved like stamp duty, conveyance fees and bank fees.

Did you know...

If you are a first home buyer and looking to purchase an existing property you won't be eligible for the $20,000 grant but could still be eligible for stamp duty concession which could save you around $5,250 for a $400,000 property!

Please feel free to call us or send us an email.

** We are not licensed real estate agents. We provide an avenue whereby you deal directly with the builders and developers. Any figures quoted on this website are for indicative purposes only.