Easy Way Of Getting Land and Construction Loan

This loan is used when you are building a new home or making major renovations to your existing home or to property.


Land And Construction Loan

A land and construction loan is generally managed in two stages

  • In the first stage, the lender offers the loan for the land you have purchased. Repayments will have to be made on this portion of the loan after settlement.
  • In the second stage, the construction process will be funded by the lender. You will receive the loan in stages as the construction process is going on. The repayments will be made as per the balance of the loan.


By purchasing the land first you save in stamp duty costs.

Builder/ Developer Home and Land Packages


There are two types of home and land packages available in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Australia Wide area.

1. You buy the land first and then select a home design from the numbers of standard designs or have your customized home design.

2. You can buy the pre-built home and get the loan for the total cost of the home and the land on which it is built.



We have obtained relationships with well established and award-winning builders so we can introduce you to some of the industry's best.